Notes on installation of special valves for ground heating water separator

    1, warm water diversion valve dedicated to the use of special fixed parts, firmly fixed to the wall.

    2, warm water diversion valve installation should be installed in the heating pipe before installation, but also in the laying of pipes filled with fine stone concrete, and valves, water meters installed together. It must be flat and firm, and should be tested before installation of fine stone concrete.

    3, when the level of installation, the water separator installed on the water collector installed below, the center distance should be 200mm, the water collector center from the ground to 400mm.

    4. The heating pipe is out of the ground to the water separator and the water collector. The bend part shall not be exposed to the ground decoration layer. The heating pipe will be bent out of the ground with metal bending. The heating pipe out tubing segment between the ground to the water separator and collector lower valve interface, external installation of plastic casing (usually PVC jacketed PVC plastic pipe). The casing shall be raised above the decorative surface 150-200mm.

    十大禁画5 、 heating pipe and sub, water collector, shunt valve connection, should use special card sleeve type connector or clamp type connection.

    6, after the installation of the water separator to cover things with one side, when the decoration dirty.

    十大禁画7. After the installation of the whole system, the branches are marked with a label on the water separator.